Church of the Celtic Fisher

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Worldwide Assembly of Cod

Common Union (aka Communion)

For centuries so-called Mainstream Religions have been touting a union with their God based on consuming the "body and blood" of that God. They offer a tasteless bit of bread (which tends to stick to the roof of your mouth) and a sip of a rather insipid red wine, usually from an unsanitary cup shared with others


We at the Assembly of the Celtic Fisher feel that this Common Union should be a glorious occasion and, with the blessings of Cod, offer these recipe suggestions for your spiritual enhancement!

And remember, 7 days without fish makes one week!

 Oven-baked Cod

Pan-Fried Cod

Main Dish Cod Recipes

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It never ends!

And THIS bit is worth reading, concerning religious fundamentalism! Scientists have determined a relationship between brain damage and fundamentalism.