Conversations with Cod

 As recorded by Brendan Trósc Mór


The word of Cod bringing light and understanding to this World.

After the Basic Introduction, we will record the conversations we have with Her where a broad range of questions will be answered.

An chéad (The First)

Q. Where did it all come from?

A. It all began in the Beginning, with what your human scientists call the Big Bang.

But how did THAT start? Where did it come from?

From nothing. Why is that so hard to believe?

You CANNOT create SOMETHING from NOTHING! That’s absurd….

Watch your tongue, you! What do your human scientists say about the energy balance of the Universe as you see it?

Ahhhmmm….it’s zero.

There you go – and zero is nothing. And anyone can create nothing from nothing. Next question?

What about this planet we call Earth? Where did it come from?

As the universe was formed, stars were born – and, like everything else, they eventually died. When they did they convulsed and threw out huge amounts of matter which eventually came together and formed new stars and companion planets. According to your human scientists, the universe is just about 14 billion years old. This solar system is only about 4.6 billion years old - Earth, on the other hand, is only about 4.5 billion years old. So, it took about 1 million years to form the planet.

But what about the Creationists who swear the planet is only about 6,000 years old ??

What about them? They don’t even listen to the human scientists!  Anyone can believe anything they want but that doesn’t make it true!

Where did WE come from then?

We (and that means you(plural) and I) are made from STAR DUST. WE all began that way and evolved over vast stretches of time, without deceit or mystery. We simply are.

And we came from the depths of the Oceans, and grew and multiplied by millions and millions until we populated those Oceans and watched the Land form and appear over time. And we were each dependent on the other, and nurtured each other and even watched as we grew into different branches of life. And I saw that it was good.

And the species we now call homo sapiens arose from a long line of forebears and, on that beautiful day, became self-aware and saw that your place in the scheme was good. And I gave to you the joy of procreation that you might revel in each other and witness the joy of creating life.

And even then, I recognised that there were those who wanted to simply give pleasure to each other and grow in love and caring for each other without procreation. And I saw that this, too, was good. What we have created let no one belittle or disparage.

That’s all there is to it? We just ARE?

Finally… are starting to get it! OOppss - must talk to you tomorrow – something wants to eat me. The cycle of life is unbroken.

an dara ceann (The Second One)

Are you back?? I thought something ate you!!

IT did – I was very nutritious!

But how can you be here if something ate you?

Oh for Cod’s sake! There are millions of me and we TALK to one another! Sometimes I think you know nothing….

Sorry – I’m trying.

Yes- very trying….

Why did you pick me then? What did I do wrong?

Be quiet – you’ve forgotten a bit of slagging?

Oh right – I’ve been in foreign parts for a few years. Tell me more about the mysteries of the Universe?

You don’t need to hear it from me! You humans pride yourselves on being curious – I have LOTS of prophets running around now. Talk to each other! There are MANY questions to which you simply have not found the answers – yet!

Other prophets? How can that be? We thought we were the only ones who saw your Light!

That’s a bit arrogant, don’t you think? There are millions of me – why would there only be one, or two, or three of you?? Look around you! I am getting the word out through many sources – you are the catalyst. The place for all this cognoscenti to come together and see the power I have given you! Your website will reach millions very soon and they will come forward. Your job is to give them a platform and a place to commune with each other.

Who are you talking about here? Who are they?

Part of your job is to find them! You already made some of them Saints in the Assembly, but they are, by definition, beyond direct human communication at this time (aka as being DEAD) – you have provision for appointing Ambassadors (who are LIVING). SPREAD THE WORD and they will come to you!

Oh come on – just a FEW names to get us started!

You already know some of them! Richard Dawkins, Amy Schumer, Ricky Gervais, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Willie Murphy, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, John Cleese, Deborah Swackhamer, Stephen Fry, Angela Merkel, Billy Connoly, Mary McAleese, Daniel Dennett, Mary Robinson, Seth MacFarlane, John Oliver, Lawrence Kraus, Neil Degrasse Tyson …. You need more?

OK, I get it. They are all out there but working alone or just in small groups. And it's our job to invite them in?

Finally – you got it. Now get on with it! I need to find something to eat! Catch you later..

an tríú cuid (The Third One)

Welcome back - what did you have?

​Thanks. I had a bunch of sand eels - VERY tasty but not too bright! each their own, I guess. Can I ask you something else?

I'm sure you CAN - the question really is "May I..." bad. You mentioned being eaten a while back and some other Cod took over. How does that work? And how do you manage synchronised swimming the way you do? Do you rehearse ?

What ? Rehearse?? Don't be silly - we just DO it. We talk to each other all the time....well, not really TALK the way we do - more "communicate". When we are in a school like that we "blink" coordinates. You know, x,y, and z. We need to make a left turn we just "say" y+3 or something like that. I have to simplify it for your feeble brain but that's essentially it. So we turn as one simply because we ARE one.

But who is in charge? Who decides to turn?

You can be very confusing - WE do. That's all. We are ONE. Like I told James Séan Trósc, all are ONE. And that's what your lot need to do - start acting like you are ONE and look out for each other. Stop competing!! No need for that at all - there's more than enough for everyone but a lot of you get greedy and take more than you need. That's why you are collectively in trouble - and why our planet is verging on collapse! And that upsets all of US - not our fault but we suffer the consequences! SORT IT OUT! If you don't, you'll need another planet and you have no idea how to find one or even how to GET there right now!

Never thought of it like might be right....

MIGHT BE???? Get a life - you KNOW I'm right. Incidentally, I thought I made a mistake in 2010 CE, but it turned out I was wrong. Oh - have to swim. The LAD is coming over to fertilize a few thousand ova. See ya.

Wait! Wait! One more question ??

Keep it brief....if he has a premature ejaculation I'll have to wait another hour....

Nudity ? What do you have to say about Nudity ?

Nudity ? What in My Name is that ?

You know, wandering around with no clothes on ?
Ever see me wearing anything ? What's the big fuss ?? You humans are obsessed with body image and what others think about you! Get over it! Ohoh I hear him, groaning....later!

 An ceathrú (The Fourth)

Well....... how did it go?

How did WHAT go?

The fertilization ? How did it go?

You got a lot of parts asking ME about that ! Why don't you tell me how YOUR fertilization went??

Ohhh! Touchy.......

Short answer - he came and then went. You know what your species problem is?

Our problem? I guess we have lots of problems......pollution, global warming, habitual liars, cheats, authoritarian despots, monogamy,.. I could go on and on.....

Sure you could. but what is the ROOT problem? At the heart of all those symptoms? What is the ONE thing behind all those items?

Hmmm I'm not sure - I never really thought about it before......

Add that to your list then.....I can see I'll have to spell it out for you.... better write this down.....

GREED - that's the root of all evil ! And, in case you are in any doubt, consider this from your own Dictionary - "excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions". It has to be rooted out or you will destroy this planet and everything on it!

Mark my words - it MUST stop! Take a lesson out of OUR books - you never see us simply taking more than we need! EVER! Time you started to do the same. For Cod's sake, you can't take it with you when you die! Now, bugger off! i'm busy.

I left to think quietly. She is right, of course, As usual.

​An Cúigiú (The Fifth)

I've been thinking about what you said....about the greed thing. You are right of course.

I know. I've had a lot of time to think about it. About 100,000,000 years in fact. You know, we were quite happy in the sea but some of us were curious and the Land. Took a while to adapt our lungs and gills to skimpy air but we got there. Legs took a lot And that was how we ended up with you lot! I found this thing - it might help you to understand.

WOW! 100,000,000 years in 30 seconds!

You should show this to everybody There are many who reject evolution outright.

​I know - pathetic individuals when the evidence is staring them in the face. It all comes back to we are all ONE here. We,each, have our place in this world and we each have a role to play in the planet. If only one of us neglects that role the lot will collapse. And there is only one of genuine concern in this - you lot! So get your act together and get the word out there!

​You could learn from the Buddha - there IS no self. There is only WE. If you extinguish the illusion of SELF you will see your place in this world, in this NOW, more clearly! Know YOURSELF and you can know the World as a free being. In modern terms, you must learn that the Universe is unfolding as it should which is not always the same as how you want it to unfold. Learn that, and the world is a much easier place in which to live. You can fight the Universe but you CANNOT (and will not) win!

That's a tall order! We are so little now - but others are coming to see the Truth in what we say. We will keep at it, as you say.

Yes, you do that. And I'll pump a little juice into it to get them committed!

An Séú (The Sixth) 

Do you have a minute? I hate to intrude.

I can always find a minute for you - you are important at least on this planet. What's up?

I'm confused about all this controversy over GENDER. Can you explain it to me? What EXACTLY is GENDER anyway ?

Oh ok - it's really very simple but complicated, if you get my meaning....

That's why I am asking! I thought it was really simple...we are either male or female. Right?

Welllllll.....not THAT simple. Let me put it this way - GENDER is determined by multiple factors, basically physical attributes and mental orientation. And even then there are distinctions ...... maybe SUBCATEGORIES is a better term......

You mean being born with a penis doesn't make you automatically a male?

Good place to start! That is the physical determinant - and you divide your species into MALE and FEMALE. There is a third category - you call it HERMAPHRODITE unfortunately as a disparaging term. It's not - the hermaphrodite is defined in YOUR dictionary as 

1:  an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive tissue or organs

2:  something that is a combination of diverse elements

I like the second definition! But it only identifies the PHYSICAL manifestation of gender. You have to include the MENTAL attributes as well. For example, a MALE physically may have a Penis but mentally have an inclination to his FEMININE side. I know you have a lot of words describing that orientation but they are generally demeaning, so let's redefine MALE once and for all and drop the judgemental rubbish. Ohhhh I know - I'll put it in CHART FORM - you lot like charts lol

​Physical                                            Mental                                                   Outcome

MALE                                                MALE                                                    MALE

                                                          FEMALE                                                TO BE DETERMINED

FEMALE                                            FEMALE                                               FEMALE

                                                         MALE                                                      TO BE DETERMINED

HERMAPHRODITE                           BOTH                                                    CHOICE

Does that help?

I'm not sure! Let me think about it.......can I get back to you?

Of course! Take your time - but you may need to purge your prejudices........get a glass of Uisce and sit in a quiet place and THINK. Slainte!

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