Church of the Celtic Fisher

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Worldwide Assembly of Cod

And now we can accept cash donations to the following PO Box!

Church of the Celtic Fisherman

P.O.Box 6068

Pittsburgh Pa.


With a combined 200+ years on this Earth and adult lives of serving diligently in the fields of education, healthcare and the arts, the Trósc Trilogy ( or Triumvirate) now continue to serve their fellow man through The Church of the Celtic Fisherman, the Assembly of Cod!

Yes, we are now a fully legitimate, legal, and registered Church (corporation) with the federal government and the state of Pennsylvania, with members in Canada, Ireland, the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.

We ask that you join in this worldwide mission to  “further the relationships between man and nature and between man and his/her fellow man”  and to celebrate  “ONE WORLD. LOVE!"  and “ALL IS ONE.”  as proclaimed by COD Herself!

Yes, we ask you to donate, but such a paltry sum! COD knows, it takes earthly means to cover the huge expenses incurred on the church to simply register as a valid entity. Who would have guessed that promoting peace, equality, and happiness would have a cost? Or that seeking adherents would necessitate covering our asses against legal proceedings by those who would act as parasites on purity! So, yes, we ask for a donation of $20 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) through our secure website. If you can afford more then COD be with you! and you will bring the Church closer to it's goal. If you can’t afford to contribute, we still welcome you. Thereafter we ask that you help us on an annual basis of whatever opens your heart. In return, you will receive free theological and profoundly educational information, a free legal certificate of admission to the Church and a Church symbol to proudly display your membership. We recommend attaching the symbol to the window of your residence or means of transport but it will also adhere to your forehead or other body part if you so wish!

We don’t ask you to dress formally and spend precious time once a week listening to the rantings of some individual who claims direct contact with a supernatural being when your time can be spent in doing what you want to do to open your heart. We simply ask that you embrace the Church Tenets.

Our goal is to procure property, as instructed by COD, so that all adherents and their descendants can experience peace and tranquility in a setting that promotes the arts and encourages the return to conversation and appreciation of the opinions of our fellow adherents. Such property will belong to the Church and be available to all those who embrace the Tenets and have opened their hearts.

In seeking membership all adherents should understand that they will never be able to bring legal proceedings against the Church and that they should remove themselves from the church if they ever feel that they can no longer agree with the Church Tenets.

Now that all the legal earthly crap has been addressed, let us proceed with the ecstasy of enjoying the remainder of our time on this planet. Trósc Óg promises to take a journey each year to the dark world of legal paperwork but will return soon thereafter to celebrate the truth with COD and HER Dílis Trósc.


Trosc translated means "cod". Mór means "big". Óg means "young" (as I am in the youth of my senior years!). Séan means "elder". Dílis means "loyal".

(Ed. Note: Trosc  Óg is very kind in his translation - in a more colloquial mode they will translate as "Big Cod", "Wee Cod", and "Oul' Cod")

There can be no doubt then that Cod wrote the words in the sand.  (Hey! Every Church needs a miracle! We just gave ours some human assistance!) Admittedly it was a bit of a miracle that we got out of bed so early in the morning and made the trip to the location in the very cool temperatures and strong ocean winds. Incidentally, we do recommend such an adventure. You waken very quickly!

We would give you the exact coordinates of the Sacred Sand but fear that thousands of non-adherents would descend on the location and strip it of its natural resources!

We suspect that any references to “soul” outside of the Church point to brain activity that triggers a reaction in the physical activity of the heart.

Climate change IS happening and homo sapiens can and must act to positively increase our contribution to nurturing our planet.

Evolution is also factual, except that it seems to have missed a generation or two in those who would deny it {"Show me the evidence! Show me the evidence!" . Wendy Wright, Creationist)

We welcome your comments and suggestions and promise that they will be discussed and decided upon during the 9th month when the three Trosc meet to welcome COD.

When asked if you are religious, as a member (adherent, Dílis Trósc,), you can honestly and legally answer “Yes I am. I am a member of the Church of the Celtic Fisherman.” Of course, you could also answer by telling the person asking the question to go mind their own damn business!

We, and our descendants, look forward to welcoming you, and your proclaimed descendants, to the fireplace of COD to celebrate ALL IS ONE and nurture our relationships.

There is no membership “fee.” Any contribution to the Church is considered a charitable donation.

Members, adherents, Dílis Trósc agree that bringing any lawsuit against the Church is a socially parasitic act and therefore cannot happen.



Brian Trosc Óg