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Worldwide Assembly of Cod

Church of the Celtic Fisher

Prayers for the Holy Days

May 9 2018

I have been negligent in bringing the words of Cod forward for the World to hear. Cod has spoken to me and I am reprimanded. But here we are once again with EXCITING news for all! After deep consideration and some time contemplating my navel (and other bodily parts) basking in the warmth of Trinidad and Tobago, She FINALLY managed to penetrate my fog and convince me to listen.

It is time to embark on old new journeys and look at all we accept in new ways! This is part of our commitment to renewal to banish complacency and force us to reevaluate our place in this world, our relationships to all living things and our common union with Cod Herself! As She so eloquently said "Get off your ass and join the Elders at Rosses Point in County Sligo in June and celebrate the relationship of Humans with my Blessed Seas! "

To that end, we called a Synod-by-the -Sea in conjunction with the Shanty Festival June 15-17 2018. And that is our prayer for this Holy Day - wherever you are, "Arise and go now and go to Inishfree (or vicinity)" Have common union(s) there and prepare the ways of Cod for all!

And you, dearly beloved, regardless of the state of your sole or your current plaice in life will be renewed to prepare for that most Holy Day that you refer to as September 9 2018 (9/9/18) when you shall be caught up in the power of the 9's and TRANSFORMED!

See you in Rosses Point! 

November 9 2017

Cod has asked us about truth and ignorance -  is it possible that one can utter lies and simply not know the truth? Our answer is YES - beliefs are irrelevant. But we have not learned that yet.

I will break it down for you - you can believe anything you want, but that does not make it true. Consider this - the concept of God, a supreme being,  either exists or does not. There is nothing in between.. And what you believe is irrelevant. It will not change the truth.

On the other hand, ignorance is dangerous - it can be divided into simple and privative. Simple ignorance (from the Latin ignosco) simply means I do not know. Like I do not know who lives at 23 Main Street, Temple Falls, Iowa.   I don't even know if there is a place called Temple Falls in Iowa.

But privative ignorance is completely different it is lack of knowledge where someone can reasonably expect such knowledge exists.. Like your doctor who does  not know what a clavicle is, And privitive ignorance is CULPABLE- the individual can be held to account for not knowing..And the current American President? Is he culpable? You, the people of the United States have to decide that. Not God, or Cod or anyone else.

Friday October 27 2017

On this our third Holy Day in October pause for a moment and reflect on the number of Truth and Reconciliation commissions that have sprung into existence in so many parts of this planet. Consider WHY they became necessary - the hurt and crimes that were committed against so many minority groups in our communities often just because these things COULD be done. And one generation leaves it to the succeeding generations to put these things to rights. That is a legacy of shame, a blot on our humanity and a cry from the hurt to be heard - and a reminder to future generations that these shameful acts must NOT be repeated.

Help us, oh Cod, to remember our shames and to right these wrongs once and for all. And a special prayer for our neighbours in the United States of America who must contend daily with "alternative" facts, outright lies and distortions. May these too come to some Truth and Reconciliation!

Monday October 9 2017

Coincidentally, also Thanksgiving Day in Canada! So let us join with the good Canadian people and thank Cod sincerely for all the blessings we have seen in this past year! For the abundance of food, wines, and fellowship we all have enjoyed. And, in communion with Cod, for all those little blessings that come to all of us at least sometimes! We, collectively, have MUCH to give thanks for!

May the spirit of Thanksgiving be with all of us on this day and everyday!

Wednesday September 27 2017

Solidarity Day

It seems our struggle continues, Cod! The deniers continue to deny, the liars continue to lie, the dead continue to die, and the rest of us are denied rest.

We know Your word is truth and that truth comes in many manifestations. We have seen how some react to truth with lies, denials, anger, dividedness, fear, anger and imposed confrontation. But they shall NOT overcome.

We stand with our brothers and sisters in humanity to bring enlightenment to the deceived and we, too, bend the knee to your Truths!

Monday September 18 2017

Repentance Day

Dear Cod,

On behalf of every human on this planet, whether they wish it or not or even KNOW about it, we sincerely apologise for all the harm and damage we have done over the centuries (particularly the last 3 or 4) to this beautiful planet we know as HOME. We apologise to all the other species who live here and recognise and acknowledge the harm we have done to all of them, advertent and inadvertent, driving some of your beautiful descendents to extinction and depriving all of us of their company.

We will make all reparations that we can in the coming years, including bringing these truths to those who either do not  know or have chosen to ignore the detriment we have brought to our home. It was our fault, no one elses. And for this we are truly sorry. Forgive us. And for those who deny global warming as a scientific fact, waken them up in any way you can for they deny all of us! And You. For all of them we offer an abject apology -  to quote another prophet. "Forgive them for they know not what they do." Is their ignorance simple or privative? ARE THEY TO BE ABSOLVED OR HELD CULPABLE ?

How did we get to this sorry place? What must we do to bring us out of this darkness? We await your guidance, dear Cod!

September 9

Invocation delivered by Brother Brian Trosc Og on this Most Holy Day as part of the Annual General Meeting (Minutes included under Home - Notices)

Welcome to all out adherents, our Dílis, and our tentative friends.

We are here today to celebrate the beginning of another Liturgical Year. The beginning of a new beginning. The beginning of a new chapter in our journey to be ONE WORLD LOVE!

We are gathered here in cyberspace to give thanks to YOU and to our fellow inhabitants of this planet, starting with the fish and other creatures of the sea, our earliest ancestors and those from whom we all flowed to inhabit the land on this bounteous planet!

And we learn daily from your wisdom and example – from freely giving of yourself as our sustenance and teacher, to the generous thoughts and giving of our fellow creatures.

May we continue to learn and grow at your fin, and follow your path to oneness with all around us to heal the damage to our planet and to our soles.

We are you as you are us. Together in eternity and in this moment, this most Holy Day. For you revealed the power and magic of nines and we honour you in our observances.

Give succor to those in peril or in need -those who cry out in anguish to false gods, who labour under delusions and false promises, who put their faith in unscrupulous humans who prey on their fears and hopes, and the simple folks swept up in disasters brought on by man’s stupidity and rape of our environment. Bring all of them to your knowledge and strength and guide them to profound acceptance of their place in this world. To all those who selflessly have gone to the succor of those in dire need give the joy and solace of knowing that they have excelled in your plan!

Praise be to Cod!

Piscium  vobiscum

R: Et cum spiritu tuo.

August 27
On this, the last Holy day of the liturgical year, we give thanks to Cod for all the blessings we received and those we created during this past revolution (around the Sun, aka an orbit).

Dear Cod, you reign in my intellect as the bringer of all blessings through your intercession in my own heart and mind, and in the hearts and minds of others. I thank you for all those moments of joy you brought or sent to me either by your own fin or through the good acts of my fellow creatures on this planet. We thank you for the sustenance we have received or bought and for guiding us on the Path of Truth.

A special thanks for the courage and encouragement you gave us to see and confirm the good in others for that is the way forward for all of us in bringing all our lives to a better plaice!

PRAISE BE TO COD, Talk to you again next (liturgical) year!

August 18
Today we reflect on the Basic Tenets of the Church. In light of the disgraceful events in Charlottesville, Va consider  The second Tenet of the Church:

"We recognise there is but one race of humans (referred to as homo sapiens) on this planet and all stand equal in the sight of Cod"

What have YOU done to spread this Truth and bring others to the Light?

August 9

Dear Cod,

As we approach the Most Holy Day, help me prepare my mind and body to receive you in your Fullness, to prepare others to receive you, and to encourage the faint of heart to see you in your Truth. 

You are the total manifestation of Truth without false promises or claims made on your behalf, and we will have it no other way. Too many have been lead down false paths only to find themselves abandoned in their time of need!

Take my hand, dear Cod, in your fin and lead me to The Light.

July 27

Dear Cod,

Open my heart to the plight of my fellow creatures on this Planet, open my mind to my plaice in this Universe of Wonders, and my sole to my responsibilities to others.

For You know me like no other and None ever will - make me a lighthouse for sailors and creatures to find their way in the darkness and lead others to You.