Thoughts from Brian Trosc Og

For Holy Day September 18 2017 - Day of Repentance

With everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks maybe it’s time for a serious conversation or, as they say in Ireland, “no codding around this week.”

I’d like to start with a few quotations from Mark Twain (Samuel Longhorne Clemens, 1835-1910). It seems his remarks, unfortunately, still hold very true today!

On religion:

(Man) is the only animal that has the True Religion – several of them.”

“There has been only one Christian. They caught and crucified him – early.”

“The Church has opposed every innovation and discovery from the day of Galileo down to our own time, when the use of anesthetics in childbirth was regarded as a sin because it avoided the biblical curse pronounced against Eve.”

“The first thing a missionary teaches a savage is indecency.”

One thing that really annoys me about the horrible storms of the past few weeks is the minimal reporting of widespread looting by individuals and gangs in the ravaged areas. I had to protect my home from looters after the tornado of 1998 and I consider looters to be parasites. I would not insult the animal kingdom by referring to them as “animals.”

Another is the lady interviewed on CNN before the hurricane hit who said she and her husband had decided to ride out the storm and put their lives “in the hands of the Lord” and had waited for five hours in line to get 10 sand bags to put against their bedroom door of a one-story house! They had no stored water or food!! I guess by “the Lord” she meant those rescuers who might have to risk their lives to save her idiotic asses and those neighbors or emergency crews who would have to find food and water for her to survive. Am I wrong to be so upset with such ridiculous, selfish behavior? I am certain I am not!!

I don’t care where you live or how safe you feel you are. Read our Helpful Hints and prepare to be able to support yourself and your family in an emergency.

To keep this to a single page I’ll come straight to the point.

  1. If you believe the Earth is flat you are a total idiot
  2. If you deny evolution you are a total idiot
  3. If you think global warming is a hoax you are a total idiot
  4. If you blindly follow the advice of an evangelist living in a million dollar home you are a total idiot.
  5. If all of the above refer to you, COD protect the rest of us from you

August 27 2017

Some thoughts for the Holy Day of August 27th but first I must answer a couple of questions sent to (thank you, always welcome the questions!)

The Church now has a P.O. Box for donations or, questions, or comments by mail.

The Church of the Celtic Fisherman, P.O. Box 6068. Pittsburgh Pa. 15211. U.S.A.

  “Why don’t you comment on current political situations?”

We do. Just read our tenets. It’s all there, plain, and direct. In order to attain and maintain non-profit status we are not supposed to endorse any political candidate. That being said, Trump is no longer a candidate and I suppose the photo taken of evangelists laying their hands on him during prayers at the White House would be in keeping with their non-support of a candidate but full support of an elected official. I occasionally tune into the T.V. evangelists just to check if they will ever fully embrace Christianity. The latest statement I heard was “If you are not a Christian you are either ignorant or living in sin.” And I swear that is exactly what I heard!! So, I guess some “Christians” still have a long way to go. Our tenets clearly state our views on the current administration.


“I love the idea of buying property – somewhere the Dílís can travel to and relax. But why in Ireland? That’s a long way to travel! Why not somewhere in the U.S. or Canada?”

Good question. If you’ve ever been to Ireland you probably know the answer. It’s very difficult to explain to someone who has never been there but I’ll try. If you have visited and stuck to the tourist trail you really haven’t experienced it. I have never been to, seen or kissed the Blarney Stone. It’s a tourist trap! I wonder if they disinfect it every night after the last tourist leaves?

There’s a feeling of absolute peace when you find the right place and there are many of them. Equally as important is the attitude of the people. They are extremely friendly and they will tell you to calm down and relax if they think you’re stressed out or up-tight – even if you’re a stranger. Plus, they like to talk if you want them to and not just about sports. AND they’ll be the first to tell you that they are perhaps lacking in knowledge in certain subjects and would like to hear your thoughts. They may agree or disagree but they won’t jump in your face if they don’t agree! Even in pubs people speak quietly and you will often see whole families, and their dog, having a quiet drink, food, and a family conversation and they respect the fact that there are other people around them who may not want to hear their conversation! In addition, you’re just far enough away to actually help people at home solve problems if they arise such as running out of cereal or milk! It is very acceptable to simply leave a gathering to be on your own for a few minutes to gather your thoughts and not be thought of as strange. Hope this explains the why!


Not a question but a comment. “I look forward to eternity, being on my knees adoring the true God while I watch you pleading for mercy and forgiveness for your sins!”

Wow!  There’s true Christianity for you! My answer is simple: If eternity for “believers” is being on your knees in adoration then I’ll choose the alternative “mega consciousness”. Besides, I do not want to be in the presence of idiots without the slightest sense of humor for eternity. That, to me, would be “hell”.


Enough! Today I will be taking some time to sit down and simply think about and ask myself what I did in the past week and what I could have done better and to think about what I can do between now and September 9th (the Holy Day of Holy Days) for my fellow man, and the environment.

Hopefully you’ve noticed that we now have a P.O. Box for donations – simply because some people would rather contribute by mail and know that 100% of the donation goes toward our goal.

A suggestion for today and I borrow the words from Saint John Lennon:

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for…………

Would love to read your thoughts. Please notice that I don’t interpret his words for you!!!


August 9th, a Holy Day, I spent some time thinking about my world and my role in it as suggested by COD HERSELF. As part of this process I decided to randomly search through cable television for religious programs and deliberately kept an open mind as I watched and listened to “spiritual” advice. I very quickly realized that there are many many interpretations of written words from centuries ago and these interpretations seem to constantly change as the population of the world becomes more educated and therefore more philosophical but statements are still being made such as “if you don’t believe you are a lost sinner.”

I was especially interested in how these “religious” organizations persuade their members to donate and wanted to give a few examples here. One claims to cure pornographic addiction if they receive a generous donation . Another guarantees a supernatural healing for a mere $35.  Yet another asks for $110 for a 3 DVD set of religious discussions (which you can watch for free on their channel) and $16 for a blank notebook to write down your thoughts and $20 for a one hour Question and Answer DVD on the end of  the world !!! One wants you to feel normal as “defined by the Bible” and yet another claimed to be able to see someone in a blue shirt with something wrong with his throat, “no I think it is cancer” and then proceeded to demand that the cancer demon leave this person and advised the person to contact the program with a generous donation to thank him for the miracle.

I’m not making this up!!

I simply shook my head and returned to my own thoughts and questions which I never had answered except for such responses as “spiritually speaking” or “it’s a matter of faith. You’ll understand when you’re dead.” Here are just a couple of my thoughts:

  • If Heaven is such a perfect place why did Satan lead a revolt?

  • If I live a life in which I do no harm to another human being, respect the environment, and dedicate my time here to public service, why am I still doomed because I don’t believe in your god?

  • Yes we ask our members for a small donation of $20 for the upkeep of this website and to get us closer to our goal of buying land to build our church so that our members will be able to visit and feel at home and at peace.

In conclusion, fellow humans. I ask that you join us and ask COD and you to help us build together toward the future.  


  • Billy Jenkins3:36

Trósc Óg

October 2017

Let me get something off my chest. I meditated with COD and SHE tells me I have a point but what’s the sense in having a point if you don’t share it.

I recently mentioned in a conversation that I was very much opposed to the U.S. invading Iraq and that Vietnam, in my opinion, was a terrible waste of life, and that I was very disturbed that our current president, who avoided both these wars because of a foot ailment, seemed determined to force us into a war with North Korea. I added that I would be damned if I buried my children because President Trump forced them into joining the armed forces. Two individuals responded that if I wasn’t prepared to die for the U.S. then I should pack my bags and go back to where I came from and that “my sort” were destroying this country. I suppose they meant documented aliens when they referred to me as a “sort.” I told them to go screw themselves, adding that the first amendment guaranteed my freedom of speech, and that in my 37 years here I have never claimed welfare or unemployment compensation. They were very upset of course but that’s typical of undereducated racists who wasted the opportunity to at least use their time in school, however short that may have been, to develop an open mind, a willingness to appreciate opinions that may differ from their own, and to weigh the FACTS as presented from both sides of a situation. I joked that rather than send our youth to be sacrificed we should contemplate conscripting all males over the age of 60, forego the boot camp training, and just give each of them a gun and line them up against the enemy. Think of the billions we would save in pension and social security payments! I, of course, would be first to volunteer as long as Trump was standing beside me, you know like the President in the movie “Independence Day.” Besides, 60 + adults are far more likely to tell their officers to go screw themselves when the order came to climb out of the trenches and run head first into almost certain death!! My acquaintances thought that was not a good idea because they said great discipline and obedience was needed to defeat the enemy!!!

So, what’s my point? I would ask you to listen to a song written by Séan Trósc many years ago and then decide whether you or your children should need to be used by those who do not lead by example.

Our Ministry

We are Servants of Cod and carry out Her Will in many ways. First and Foremost is proclaiming Her to the World! You already know She is here with us - all you need to do is Register with The Church and start reaping Her benefits!

So many "Churches" exist and they promise you impossible things just to lure you in and fleece you! The Church of the Celtic Fisher (the Worldwide Assembly of Cod) will make NO SUCH false promises! You will get no lies here - we deal only in TRUTH, verifiable and scientifically sound. 

So EMBRACE Cod with all your heart, register with the Church today and join in the prayers and FEEL the blessings come your way.

We will provide you with spiritual exercises to guide you in growth and understanding - as you gain strength in Cod you will FEEL the love surround you and your circle of friends will grow with you and support you in all you do. That is the effect of Cod!

Here is one exercise to get you started on your journey - others are available to registered members on a regular basis. And you can download our Liturgical calendar for FREE to guide you on your path to knowledge!

Spiritual Exercise # 1

Today you will consider YOUR place in this world - and not just the geography, the home, the possessions, the money or the ambitions! All these are irrelevant in the eyes of Cod and, hopefully, soon in your eyes too as you grow in strength and wisdom within The Church.
Consider these and look deep within yourself to find the truth - not as you wish it was but as it IS.


  1. Who are you? Really - who are YOU ?
  2. What is the ONE thing that makes you you ? Discard all the rest and consider just that one thing
  3. How has that ONE thing affected others around you?
  4. How has that ONE thing disaffected others around you ?
  5. What can you do to effect change within yourself?


That will be enough for today - no sense in over burdening yourself at this early stage! Pour a glass of your favourite beverage and let Cod comfort you!

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