Church of the Celtic Fisher

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Worldwide Assembly of Cod

  Annual General Meeting 2017

TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of The Church will take place on Saturday September 9th 2017 at 14:00 hrs GMT. Check your location for the equivalent time. (e.g. 09:00 hrs EDT)

Church of the Celtic Fisherman

Most Holy Day Celebration Saturday September 9th 2017 at 14:00hrs GMT (09:00 EDT)

Join us to celebrate Cod and all her blessings

Minutes of the 1st Annual General Meeting 

Church of The Celtic Fisherman

Most Holy Day Celebration.

Annual General Meeting   September 9th, 2017

Meeting held via Skype from 9.00 am till 9.23 am. Eastern Standard Time. (2.00 pm till 2.23 pm Greenwich Mean Time)


 Brendan Trósc Mór (Canada)

Brian Trósc Óg (United States)

James Séan Trósc (Ireland)


Brendan Trósc Mór chaired the meeting.

Brother Brendan began the meeting with a roll call – all Directors and registered members were present. Quorum was declared.

Brother Brendan made opening remarks on behalf of the Church stating that our best wishes, thoughts, and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and already affected or about to be affected by Hurricane Irma, including the islands of the Caribbean, Cuba, Texas, and Florida.

Brother Brian read an Invocation.  (A copy is included here under Holy Day Prayers).

Brother Brendan stated that a notice of this meeting was posted on on August 27th and all were invited to join via Skype.

Brother James gave his Address to Youth and stated that, although there was a vast amount of material, he would concentrate, for the purposes of this meeting on Reverence.  The main points were that there is a vast difference between Reverence and respect and that Reverence is more important than Respect. He stated that there should be Respect for all living and non-living things and taught that all things whether living or non-living have vibrations. We must all embrace the concept of reverence which seems to be lacking in today’s youth but which he feels can be nourished by all.

Agenda Items:

1. MOTION to approve all acts of the Elders (Directors)

                Moved: Brother Brian Seconded by Brother James

               There was no discussion.

               Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

2. Motion to approve the Tenets of the Church (available online - see About Us - Tenets) en bloc
               Moved: Brother James seconded by Brother Brian

                Brother Brendan read the Tenets to The Board.
               There was no discussion.
               Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY

3. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report
              Moved: Brother Brian seconded by Brother James
              Brother Brian gave a Treasurer’s Report stating that as of September 9th the Church has received 2 donations totaling $10.00 but that service fees of 51               cents per transaction form PayPal and 50 cents (per transaction – both donations were deposited together) from Citizens Bank resulted in an actual                       donation to the Church of $8.48.
             Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY

4. Motion to approve the Youth Action Report
            Moved Brother James seconded by Brother Brian
            Brother James stated that, due to lack of funds, no Youth Action has been taken but we can continue to make efforts to reach all youth.
            Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

5. New Business

     a) Brother Brendan proposed that the Church should promote the acquisition of an island off the West coast of Ireland.
            Moved Brother Brian seconded by Brother James
            Discussion: Brother Brian proposed that such island be made available to all adherents of the Church and this was unanimously agreed upon. He also                   stated that, having been asked why such a place should not be situated in Canada or the United States he had remarked that there was a sense of peace             in Ireland that did not seem to prevail in other countries and he considered this a strong positive indication of geographic location for the Church.

     b) Brother Brian pointed out that, of the large number of remarks made on FaceBook about the Church, only two have been negative and noted that one                    remark was to call the members “messers” and that this remark was quickly followed by a request from the same person to fund his eye surgery “abroad”


     c) Brother Brian observed that the Church seemed to be the only one in existence today with a sense of humor. Brother Jim remarked that all people should             nourish their sense of the ridiculous and Brother Brendan indicated that there was the possibility of depth within that statement.


6)  There bring no further business Brother Brendan asked for a motion to adjourn.
          Moved Brother James seconded by Brother Brian
         Brother Brendan thanked the Elders (Directors) for their participation and the Skype session ended at 09:25hrs EDT