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Trósc Mór,

Back in the U.S. after my pilgrimage with James, Séan Trósc, and you were correct once again, praise COD!

The following is a short and accurate description of the wonders of COD and the path for the Church of the Celtic Fisherman.

Arrived in Ireland on June 13th, 2017 and made my way to see family and friends, all the while having the same ocean dream.








June 16th set out for Rosse’s Point, Co. Sligo to perform at the International Shanty Festival. Great time and even greater
people with hearts of pure gold.

June 17th, woke after another dream and made my way with Séan Trósc to the ocean. Not a person around. All peaceful and just the sound of the waves and birds welcoming us. Séan Trósc left me sitting on a rock to find his own peace and I looked out to sea taking in the lack of city hum and breathing in cool and pure air. A voice told me to look down and there in front of me was the vision written in the sand, “ONE WORLD – LOVE”.  I sat mesmerized and then looked around. No-one except Séan Trósc off in the distance, walking along the water’s edge.






I sat and stared at the words etched into the sand and wondered what to do. The tide was coming in and the words would be erased if I didn’t do something! And the voice returned. “Take this sand and make it pure and share with Trósc Mór and Séan Trósc. Each time the sands do meet, COD herself will take HER seat. Build for COD close to these sands so I may comfort those who come with open hearts.”  

Séan Trósc returned and stared at the words for a few moments. “I heard a voice. COD said, “ALL IS ONE.”

I ran to my car and got my camera and got back as the tide got closer to the words. I photographed the moment and tore off my shirt to hold the sand letters made by COD which Séan Trósc and I carefully lifted into the shirt and carried back to the car.

On our return to the home of Séan Trósc we purified the sand and poured it into three containers, one for each of us. When these three sands do meet, COD, HERSELF, will take HER seat. We have so much to discuss and so much to do to fulfill the wishes of COD and to fill the hearts of HER adherents. May COD be with us in the journey we and our descendants are about to start!!
Brian Trósc Óg