Church of the Celtic Fisher

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Worldwide Assembly of Cod

Sea Synod 2018

​Held in conjunction with Rosses Point Shanty Festival to support the Lifeboat Institute at Rosses Point

The Synod

We arrived in Dublin early morning Wednesday June 13 and drove North to The Cardinal's Palace in Gortin, Co Tyrone.

And so began 2 intense days of Synod dealing with pressing Church business. Cod Herself joined us after swimming down the Foyle Estuary and joined in our deliberations. The first order of business was to map out the music we would present to the gathered in Rosses Point at the Sea Shanty Festival and that business took up the better part of two days. There were BRIEF breaks between sessions to refuel and refresh, for we cannot live on bread alone!

Early Friday morning we left for Rosses Point and met with other performers in a communal tent, incidentally getting a first-hand experience of the lifeboat being called into action. Beepers went off and four people left the tent immediately to put to sea in under 2 minutes.

The next 3 days were absolutely bliss both listening and performing. Enough said there. A Highlight of the trip was 5 nieces and nephews driving down one night to cheer us on with their presence.

On the last evening It was my intense pleasure to anoint Bishop Murphy as the Archbishop of all Sligo county in front of the assembled masses. On the return journey to Gortin we stopped briefly to visit the final resting place of William Butler Yeats with its enigmatic writing on the tombstone.

And, finally, Trosc Og and I dropped in on George Min, music teacher and organist at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Armagh. An absolute joy to spend time with him chatting and reminiscing!

​Praise be to Cod!