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Worldwide Assembly of Cod


​(a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially :  one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession)

​Insomuch as the Enlightenment occurred in 1997 CE and the Church was founded in that year, be it known to all that the following were appointed as Officers of The Assembly effective immediately and in perpetuity:
Brendan Trósc Mór
Brian Trósc Óg
James Séan Trósc

In addition these are also the Board of Directors and serve in these capacities:

Brendan J. Corr                        President                    
James M. Corr                          Secretary                 

 Brian H. Corr             Treasurer  


We acknowledge the following Truths to be self-evident and accept them as basic tenets of The Assembly:

  1.  We recognise the unequivocal existence of Cod in all her manifestations
  2. We recognise there is but one race of humans (referred to as homo sapiens) on this planet and all stand equal in the sight of Cod

  3. We recognize gender in all its forms as existing without prejudice to the consideration or value placed on it by Cod

  4. We recognize sexual orientation or preferences as existing without prejudice to the consideration or value placed on it by Cod

  5. We recognize that Cod has provided the internet and social media as a method of communication between all adherents of the Assembly and Cod

  6. We recognize that all have the right to pursue personal happiness and wellbeing within or without the Assembly

  7. We recognize that discrimination in any of its forms is anathema and contrary to the Will of Cod

  8. We recognize as Saints within the Assembly those who have upheld these tenets who have contributed in meaningful ways to the betterment of this place and have made the transition to Higher Consciousness

  9. We recognize the Supremacy of Cod in all things material and spiritual and will be guided by Her Directives as communicated by Her Holy Assembly.

So it is written – so shall it be done.

Further, by the authority invested in me by Cod, I decree that:

  1. The Head Office of The Assembly shall be located in Pittsburgh Pa in such place as may be determined by Brian Trósc Óg , from time to time.

  2. There shall be a single class of registered adherents, designated as  Dílis Trósc and with all rights and privileges as determined by the Officers of the Assembly from time to time

  3. Registration shall be by email and, on payment of registration fees, shall endure as a life registration which will expire when the adherent expires

  4. No adherent may inflict pain, suffering, or death on any member of the homo sapiens race unless as a minimum effort to preserve their own existence and only on an individual basis

  5. No adherent will be subject to induction against their will into any armed forces of any nation state or other temporal authority

  6. Where disputes arise, the matter shall be referred to the Officers for resolution and their decision shall be binding on all adherents without recourse or argument

  7. From time to time the directors shall appoint Exalted Ambassadors to carry the Word to all points.

  8. The Holy Days each month shall fall on the 9th, 18th and 27th of each calendar month. Dílis Trósc are encouraged to go about their normal day but focus on doing everything on those days with Cod in mind.

  9. The Most Holy Day in each Calendar year will fall on September 9 and all Dílis Trósc  will devote that day to introspection and enlightenment while continuing their normal functions with Cod in mind and heart.


Signed in the Presence of Cod this 9th day of May in the year 2017 CE


Brendan Trósc Mór

Church of the Celtic Fisher